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Balancing AI and Human Connection

Balancing AI and Human Connection

Posted on February 2024 By TENTEN Partners

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Since the beginning of 2020, AI (Artificial Intelligence) adoption has grown exponentially in Asia. This growth has significantly impacted the regional recruitment market. An accelerator for the job market, AI has made tasks like analysing CVs and pairing candidates with the right jobs faster and more efficient. By 2030, Asia's spending on AI recruitment tools is projected to reach SGD$1.26.3 Billion.

The Human Element

However, AI can't do everything. While it’s great at handling lots of information, it still can't capture the more human elements of recruitment. These elements include what motivates people, their aspirations, and their unique stories. That's where recruiters come in - not as go-betweens but as vital connectors. While AI sorts out the data, recruiters focus on getting to know the candidates.  Technology should be used wisely, as it may adopt biases if not updated correctly. A purely automated screening process may result in a lack of diversity in the candidate pool. Not everyone performs well when being recorded and some candidates have specific needs that should be accommodated to give them a fair opportunity.

Recruiters do more than match people with jobs. They help candidates understand a company's profile – its culture and values – and see if they meet the candidate's needs. Often, they find exceptional candidates that AI might miss because an algorithm doesn’t assess tone, personality, or soft skills. People dialogue matters.

Connecting Beyond Data

Beyond statistics and reports, good Recruiters gain personal insights from face-to-face conversations with people. These human connections provide recruiters with a depth of understanding that AI can't offer, such as candidates' desired salaries, why they’re leaving their current role, what jobs they want, and which skills are in demand. Such insight is impossible to get from hard data but is vital for making strategic hiring decisions that align with the Company’s business plans and market conditions.

While Data and AI make hiring quicker, the human touch turns that data into accurate, meaningful connections. The ability to build relationships makes the human element irreplaceable, especially critical in a field defined by human connection.

Blending Data and Understanding

As the Asian job market evolves, one thing is clear: AI may be amazing for its speed and reach, but human understanding and connection are just as important. Combining an AI's capability and human expertise is the way forward. It makes hiring not just about filling a position but also about building lasting relationships through helping people find jobs and companies increase their profitability with talented leadership teams.

Whether you're a candidate looking to take the next step in your career or a company looking for talented individuals, TENTEN Partners is uniquely positioned to offer tailored recruitment solutions as a firm that prioritises human connection. Please contact us if you want to learn more about how we can help you.