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Bharath Balasubramanyam

Bharath Balasubramanyam

Senior Consultant - Cyber Security

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​​Bharath, a seasoned Technical Recruiter, embarked on his professional journey as a Civil Engineer. After dedicating three years to Slum Rehabilitation Projects in Mumbai, he pursued higher studies in Singapore. His recruitment career began in the domains of Oil and Gas and Supply Chain before he transitioned into the dynamic field of Cybersecurity Recruitment.

Driven by a profound passion for technology, Bharath enjoys exploring new technological advancements. As a cybersecurity recruiter, he relishes collaborating with like-minded individuals with genuine enthusiasm for their work. His satisfaction lies in connecting talented professionals with the right career opportunities.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Bharath aims to be a lifelong learner, having completed courses in machine learning and being an avid reader. He has also contributed to the media landscape, producing and editing content for Singaporean and Indian indie projects. Notably, he was the primary editor for a feature film in his latest major project.

During his leisure time, Bharath indulges in his love for video and board games and tackles his ever-expanding list of must-watch items.

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Bharath Balasubramanyam